Tunison Foundation, Inc.

  Welcome to the Tunison Foundation. The foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation who owns and operates three World War II airplanes. They are the C-47 Dakota, C-45 Twin Beech and PBY-5 Catalina that you see in our logo. Our mission is to educate the public about World War II and our veterans via these historic airplanes.

The primary way that achieve this mission is with Placid Lassie, a World War II USAAF C-47. She flew combat missions in Europe on D-Day, Market-Garden, Bastone and crossing the Rhine. A real war hero. We fly at airshows and bring her to fly-ins. We also assist re-enactors by conducting parachute operations at air shows.

We also fly a former USAAF, and later US Navy, C-45. This plane was primarily a trainer during World War II, but served our country for over 30 years before being sold to the public.

Thirdly is our Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina flying boat. During World War II she served the US Navy in a patrol squadron based out of NAS New York (Floyd Bennett Field). After the war she flew survey missions in Canada for a succession of companies. Her flying carreer ended in 2001. Since then she has only flown three times and needs extensive restoration. We are seeking donations begin her restoration.

Please explore the site and learn about the history of our airplanes. If you would like to see them, check out our events page. If you would like to see us at your airshow or fly-in reach out to us via the "about us" button. If you would like to help us keep the planes flying or help us find a permanent home, use the donate button or purchase some of our merchandice. If you see us at an airshow, stop by and say "hi".

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