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  Keeping planes flying isn't cheap. To date we have kept Placid Lassie flying based on the kind donations of a few people. But now is the time to step up and help us bring her to more airshow so that more people can experience history.

The Tunison Foundation has three main funding goals at this time:
  1. Raise operating funds to keep her flying
  2. Raise funds to fly to the UK with the 75th Squadron in 2019 for Daks over Normandy and Berlin Airlift
  3. Raise funds to build a new permanent hanger at New Smyrna Beach Airport
  4. Raise funds for the restoration of N523RS, our Catalina PBY-5
The reason for day-to-day costs are obvious. We need to cover insurance, hangar rental, annual inspection, maintenance, and even this website. A C-47 burns about 100 gallons of AvGas per hour of flight, plus a gallon of oil per engine. That adds quick. 300 people donating $500 each could would keep us flying for another year. Or more people with smaller donations. Would you make such a donation?

Placid Lassie flew to the UK and droped paras on the Normandy drop zones on 6 June 2014 for the 70th anniversary D-Day. In 2019 Placid Lassie is leading the 75th Squadron back to Normandy to celebrate the 75th anniversray of D-Day and again drop paras on the drop zones. 2019 may be the last time that we can honor our D-Day veterans before they pass. After D-Day Placid Lassie will participate the first re-creation of the Berlin Airlift. Expenses to fly over to the UK and back are estimated at $75,000. Would you like to donate towards helping us honor our D-Day veterans?

The hangar that we rent in Fort Pierce, FL for long term storage is month-to-month. At any time we could find ourselves with 30 days notice to vacate and our planes planes with no homes. Fort Pierce is logistically at least two hours away from our closest board member. What Placid Lassie, N423RS and N42C need is a permanent home. And a home near their mechanics. We have found such a place at New Symrna Beach Airport, FL right next to American Aero. Building a 20,000 sq ft hanger will cost $1 million. Would you like to donation towards this permanent home?

N423RS is a long term restoration project. Her wings are off and we need to address fundamental issued with the wing. Plus everything else. Your donation will get started down the path to bring her back to flight. It has been too many years since she has flown. Perhaps we can all see here at OshKosh or Sun-N-Fun in 2020? Would you like donate towards this project?

All of the members of the Board have dug into their pockets to fund our operations to date. Please step up to the plate and help us.

We are spinning up the mechanisms to automate donations and take credit cards or PayPal. For now if you wish to make a donation, please reach out via the "Contact Us" page under "About Us" menu.

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